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Hi, welcome to my personal site. I'm Evan Reas, born and raised in a small town in Wisconsin (Ashton), now living in a house in Palo Alto with as minimal possessions as I can get by on.  I took the most indirect route to Silicon Valley that I could think of... stopping for college at Ohio Wesleyan, Oxford and Stanford, doing a Biotech startup in Baltimore, working in Venture Capital in South Africa, living off the land of rural Kenya and crashing on a friends couch in Delhi, India.  I like to ask why the world is the way it is and often think "What if..."  I think it is impossible to have goals that are too ambitious.  I believe in Calculus over Statistics.  I am a tad too competitive.  I like to change the way the world works and to meet others who are doing the same.  Email me or text me if you are amazing or are in the process of doing something amazing.  

evan.reas@gmail.com (740) 972.6939.